Podcast: Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Preview

What do you get with a fight that happens 20 years too late and under dubious circumstances? Boxing, that's what. This weekend Mike Tyson and Roy Jones will meet in a ring, and that's a sentence we never expected to actually type out. Happy 2020.

Roy Jones, Jr. and Mike Tyson look ready to... exhibit?

We don’t know how, we’re not entirely sure why and, like most big boxing events, we’re left confused, cold, tired and hungry by simply hearing news, but Mike Tyson is fighting Roy Jones, Jr. Please take a moment to calibrate yourself and allow us to reassure that you have not, in fact, entered a time warp.

Look, this year has been a wreck. “Normal” is an abstract concept at this point and some of us can’t even remember what it is, much less whether we can return to it. Thankfully boxing is adapting, though that also means we get things like #TysonJones.

“Hello, Stock Photo Friend. Welcome to 2020. I hope you enjoy weird shit.”

Tyson-Jones, which is scheduled to take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, would under most other circumstances be a legitimate “superfight.” But even if it weren’t muddled by strange rules, the Tyson-Jones is 18-20 years too late to even be meaningful. Consider the conflicting stories from California State Athletic Commission officials and Ryan Kavanaugh, the event’s promoter and co-owner of the Triller app hosting the fight, and the idea of putting money toward something like this becomes even more insane.

Then again, nostalgia weighs heavy. And in this case a boxing fan needn’t be in their 40s or older to have enjoyed watching either Mike Tyson or Roy Jones in their respective primes. For many of us, their dominance, or even simply the pop culture effects of it, are relatively fresh on the brain. Their combined social media clout and influence can’t be denied either.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones will take place on the Triller app, because they really don’t want anyone over 50 watching this fight

Tyson-Jones may or may not be an exhibition. If the punches are real, if they have any sort of mustard on them whatsoever, any weathered, 50-something ex-fighter could be in for scary consequences. And in a way that only makes this thing more appealing.

On this episode of the Knuckles and Gloves Boxing Radio podcast, Patrick Connor and Brin-Jonathan Butler offer up a semi-serious preview of this semi-serious event. This episode is actually why they don’t give us sharp objects or more prominent roles in boxing.

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