Podcast: Manny Pacquiao vs Ryan Garcia Negotiations

Maybe the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones, Jr. exhibition broke some kind of mold that can't be unbroken, or maybe we're just taking a trip back to the sideshow-embracing 1990s era of boxing, but Manny Pacquiao and Ryan Garcia sound like they're keen on fighting and seriously talking about it. That gives Brin-Jonathan Butler and Patrick Connor the perfect opportunity to talk it out.

"King Ry" Ryan Garcia and Manny Pacquiao pose ahead of the latter's meeting with Adrien Broner in 2019

This is a classic “Don’t kill the messenger” situation here. Manny Pacquiao, all-time boxing great, Filipino icon and Senator, has apparently been negotiating a clash with “King Ry” Ryan Garcia. The news caught us off guard too, don’t fret.

This is usually where the phrase “this is the new normal” figures into the conversation. It’s trite, but in this case also true: boxing fans might have to accept things getting weirder than usual for a while. From the upper reaches of the sport to the lowly peanut gallery operators, survival is going to require some creativity.

If anyone were doubting negotiations between Manny Pacquiao and Ryan Garcia were real, someone on the internet created a Photoshop. So, case closed. (Via Ryan Garcia’s Instagram)

Ryan Garcia is a goofball, and yes, you’re probably sick of hearing about his social media presence. In fact, the ill will probably doubles each time he fights and doesn’t get knocked out, he’s that… polarizing. But his reach is difficult to deny, and that influence is power.

Besides, despite what a lot of boxing fans would truly love to believe, Garcia isn’t some random scrub masquerading as a fighter. At only 22-years-old and 21-0, his ledger may not come within a Nerf Spiral Football throw of Pacquiao’s, but he has a lot of time to continue improving. How far Garcia can get in terms of his legacy or future in boxing is impossible to know, but he could be legit.

“I’m here to battle my way into your heart whilst sporting casual Southern California chic. M’lady.” – Ser Ryan Garcia (Also via Garcia’s Instagram)

Then again Garcia could just be a goofball.

On this episode of Knuckles and Gloves Boxing Radio, author/filmmaker Brin-Jonathan Butler gets with boxing historian Patrick Connor to discuss the possible showdown. There were also a handful of fan questions to answer at the end, so don’t miss that part.

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