Podcast: Failed Promoters & Managers

When people attempt to swoop in and make a buck off boxing, the sport tends to chew them up, spit them out and then do it again. Sometimes intentions are honorable, sometimes not. On this episode of the Knuckles and Gloves podcast, Patrick Connor and Aris Pina remember many of the promoter and manager souls boxing cast aside.

Former baseball star José Canseco in the ring with former TV star Danny Bonaduce in 2009 (Credit: Joseph Kaczmarek/AP)

Nearly everything about boxing involves a gamble, whether literal or figurative. Fight betting is one of the primary reasons professional boxing even exists. But like boats, cars or resort-style island music festivals, boxing can be a notoriously awful investment.

The boxing racket is attractive to just about everyone. Back in the 19th century, for instance, the oft-aristocratic group of people who followed boxing earned the name “The Fancy.” Despite boxing’s descent to a second-tier sport with a modest following, it still attracts debutantes and celebrities when the event is right.

The first portion of the “Chants for the Fancy,” or songs to be sung when boxing fans gathered, from Pierce Egan’s “Boxiana,” published in 1829

Where the attraction to boxing winds up deceptive and financially destructive is in the notion that one can swoop in and either make a buck or change the sport. Or both. An institution, boxing is incredibly resistant to change and by nature ruinous.

Ultimately for many of these poor saps, the focus isn’t their failure but of course the power structure of boxing itself. Others, however, entered the fray with less-than-honorable intentions from the outset and simply met the logical result.

Former TV stars Ron Palillo and Dustin Diamond square off ahead of their fight on “Celebrity Boxing” in 2002 (Credit: Getty Images)

This episode of the Knuckles and Gloves Boxing Radio podcast features celebrities who attempted to manage professional fighters and promoters who couldn’t walk away unscathed. It’s an episode of obscure fight stories with Patrick Connor and Aris Pina heavy on the salacious and controversial.

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