KGB Radio: Vargas vs Pacquiao Preview

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As someone may have guessed already, yes. Knuckles and Gloves will have its own podcast, and the one it will be replacing is Top Men Boxing Radio. And yes, it will still be hosted by Patrick Connor and Aris Pina.

The concept is still in development and will continue to grow and get better, but this week’s show is a straightforward, one-man preview of this weekend’s Top Rank Pay-Per-View headlined by WBO welterweight belt-holder Jessie Vargas and Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao.


There is no question that Pacquiao has declined since his unbelievable run from 2005 to 2011, but will it be enough for Vargas to take advantage of? Is Vargas good enough that he won’t need to face a diminished version of Pacquiao in order to win?

That nobody specifically asked for this bout doesn’t matter now; it’s happening. Once we accept that and actually look at the matchup, we might realize that there’s actually a good chance we’ll get an entertaining, worthwhile fight. Vargas is scrappy and can be goaded into exchanges, Pacquiao is slower and potentially distracted by non-boxing happenings… It’s not exactly a foregone conclusion.

(Credit: Joe Camporeale/USA Today)
(Credit: Joe Camporeale/USA Today)

Also on the card is a super bantamweight showdown between Nonito Donaire and undefeated Jessie Magdaleno;  a could-be-run-of-the-mill, could-be-concerning matchup pitting 2008 Mexican Olympian Oscar Valdez against Hiroshige Osawa; and a rematch between Zou Shiming and Kwanpichit Onesongchaigym, now fighting as Prasitsak Phaprom.

Is the Jessie Vargas vs. Manny Pacquiao card worth buying? Click here or the app below to listen in and find out.

For a slightly more comprehensive look at this week’s televised boxing schedule, visit our Schedule page.

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