KGB Radio: Mayweather vs McGregor Recap

We told you all along that there was a light at the end of the tunnel — even if that just meant that Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor would eventually end and we could move past it.

Buried among the hot takes, the awful predictions and the throng of shoddy journalists who couldn’t care less about what they were truly watching, was a fishy contest that nonetheless played out mostly as expected. Mayweather’s 10th round stoppage of McGregor had an obscene torrent of money flowing about it, and that might be the best thing about it.

Okay, this photo of Floyd knocking Conor’s snot loose is okay too. (Credit: Esther Lin/Showtime)

With celebrities lining the first handful of rows — after they’d finished creeping along a stale red carpet, of course — Mayweather and McGregor battled just enough to make people forget the price tag on everything about the event. From the $100 Pay-Per-View to the various baubles being sold by anyone with entrepreneurial spirit, this was about money and not a whole lot more. And when the PPV numbers are released and the dollars are all counted, this will wind up being one extremely lucrative sparring session.

This week on Knuckles and Gloves Boxing Radio, author and filmmaker Brin-Jonathan Butler and site founder/historian Patrick Connor have a few things to say about Mayweather-McGregor, its meaning and its impact. This will not be a podcast where you hear needless applauding of things that just weren’t good.

Now let us never speak of this event again. After the show, anyway.

Us, when they ask if we want a rematch.

But wait! There was some slightly-more-legitimate fighting happening on HBO, opposite the Showtime broadcast. Puerto Rican star Miguel Cotto handed Yoshihiro Kamegai a sick beating. That’ll also be on the menu.

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