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We’re only one month into 2017 and much of the year remains. But the first month of the year featured several high level, competitive fights. A few stalled and canceled fights aside, there’s very little to complain about.

Among the cluster of action last weekend, the class Leo Santa Cruz and Carl Frampton demonstrated before, during and after their rematch stood out. The satisfying, albeit decisive bout tilted Santa Cruz’s way, meaning a rubber match could be next.

Leo Santa Cruz, left, and Carl Frampton delivered once again for boxing fans (via)

Fans of Knuckles and Gloves Boxing Radio have been asking for another boxing history episode, and this week they get one. Patrick Connor and Compubox operator Aris Pina reunited to discuss boxing history’s greatest trilogies and rubber matches.

There were trilogies that were mandatory discussion fodder, like Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier and Tony Zale vs. Rocky Graziano. “The Superfight” and “The Thrilla in Manila” are fights even the dreaded casual fans know about. And Zale and Graziano took pieces of one another each time they fought.

Those examples are likely expected, though. What of the others, like Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Frankie Randall, and of course Arturo Gatti vs. Micky Ward?

“Irish” Micky Ward, left, and Arturo Gatti made for three fun, memorable encounters

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