KGB Radio: Charlo Doubleheader Discussion

Many boxing fans are excited to see bigger, more significant fights return this weekend as the Charlos headline a very good Showtime Pay-Per-View. But amid a pandemic, a poor economy and social unrest, is expecting fans to shell out more money simply asking too much?

Quick: everyone purchasing the Showtime Pay-Per-View featuring Jermell and Jermall Charlo alongside a heap of other talent like Brandon Figueroa, Daniel Roman, Luis Nery and more, take one step forward. Not so fast, two grumps who co-host this episode of the Knuckles and Gloves podcast.

The sport is still navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s still very unclear what the future holds. It’s been months since boxing fans were able to just sit and enjoy a premium fight card without any worries.

Yeah. About that…

Two Cards? Yes. One Night? Even yesser. One Price? Can we know what that price…is?

Nothing in this world is free. According to, Sebastian Douglas said that. The problem is twofold: we don’t know who Sebastian Douglas is or was, and in this case the Charlo Doubleheader PPV is $74.95. There are a lot of numbers between “free” and $74.95.

In an unfortunate, if not totally predictable turn, much of the discussion ahead of this card centered around the price tag, not the excellent fights. As always, it’s a discussion with some nuance that often gets smashed into social media quips and catchphrases.

It’s worth repeating: that’s a damn-good fight card right there.

Previews, predictions and various pre-fight accoutrements are easy to find, and a number of them even from CBS-affiliated sources are worth checking out. For instance, this video by Showtime:

This episode of Knuckles and Gloves Boxing Radio, however, focuses on many of the arguments used in the discussion about whether this fight card should be a Pay-Per-View, the timing and so forth. At this point it might not be difficult to guess which way Patrick Connor and Brin-Jonathan Butler lean on the show.

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